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Get a new experience and try our new spa and sauna room. Here you will feel relaxed, in complete peace and in harmony with your body and soul.

Spa and sports massage
The sports treatment starts with a hot sauna for 15min, after which you will experience our lovely hot oil sports massage (30min) which ends with serving fresh fruit and aromas of aroma in our spa. (30min)

Treatment 1h 15min 700 kr.
2 people 1300 kr.

Spa treatment
Experience the luxurious Spa treatment, where you start with a sauna stay with a girl who gives you a neck and head massage. Subsequently, you get a scrub massage (1h) which we choose based on your needs and desires. After the massage treatment, a hot spa awaits and fresh fruit is served to the aroma.

Treatment 1 hour 30 min 1100 kr.
2 people "without masseur in the sauna" 1600 kr.

Sensual Spa
For our relaxing sensual and spa massage we start with a hot sauna where a girl will give you a neck and head massage. We continue the treatment with a gentle erotic body to body massage mixed with oil massage. The treatment ends with a spa served with fresh fruit and the scent of aroma.

1 hour 1200 kr.
1 hour 30 min. 1500 kr.

Body spa
You get body 2 body in spa

30 min 900 kr.
1 hour 1200 kr.

Do you want a masseur in the spa +400 kr. For the packages spa sport and spa treatment.
Beer, water or a glass of red wine are served for all our spa stays

Spa and sport massage 
105 min.
1 person 
700 kr.
2 person
1300 kr.
Sensual spa 
60 min.
90 min.
1300 kr.
1500 kr.
Body spa 
30 min.
60 min.
900 kr.
1200 kr.
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