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Scrub-warm oil massage

You start with a warm towel over your body as warming up and softening.

Then you get a body scrub with our scrub cream - adapted to your skin. Dead skin cells and other impurities are thus removed, and the skin will subsequently feel really soft and delicious.

We have many types of scrup to treat your skin.

  • Salt Scrup that cleans the skin in depth and kills bacteria.
  • Green Tea Scrup, healing of your skin and fights dry skin and the upper skin layers.
  • Coffee Scrup, gives your skin a wake up call that contributes to the body's excretion of toxins via the lymph. The treatment leaves the skin so that it feels soft and smooth like silk.
  • Coconut Scrup, a wonderful body Scrup that makes your skin feel smooth and soft like silk.

Get to Heaven Next, take a bath and return to the treatment room.

Then you get an oil massage with an oil that contains vitamin E, which nourishes your skin and adds moisture.

Here you really feel you have come closer to heaven and can really feel the effect of the body scrub. The oil will feel extra soft and delicious and it is 100% relaxation.

30 min.
60 min.
Body scrub-warm oil massage 
600 kr.
ca. 70 min
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